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Outstanding Case

1.Shanxi TianJi Group Ammonia plant increasing capacity & saving energy 50% project    2003

This revamping project is whole process revamping (from gasifier to products). Shanghai International Engineering Consulting Co(SIECC) finished the feasibility study, process design package(PDP), base design package, and partial detail design. Casale group provided Reactor internals.

This project is the most representative project of whole process revamping SIECC undertook. the concept of increasing capacity & saving energy 50% in ammonia area is first proposed by Mr. Yang, the manager director of SIECC. The project's success turns out that SIECC has already mastered every aspect in the field that from coal to ammonia.

 Project site:  Lucheng city, Shanxi province
 End User:   Tianji Group
 Feedstock:   Coal
 Operational Sate:  full load


2.Henan Jinkai 600,000tons/year ammonia project(I)   2009

This is the world's largest coal-based ammonia plant in operation to date.

SIECC cooperated with Casale to finished the PDP. The Ammonia synthsis loop and refrigeration circuit is designed by SIECC.

 Project site:  Kaifeng City, Henan province
 Feedstock:  Coal
 Operational Sate:  full load
 Net Ammonia:  17.42%
 Pressure:   12.9MPa
 Make-up Gas Consume: 2650.3Nm3/MT NH3
Pressure Drop in Loop:  0.4MPa


3.Inner Mongolia Jiutai Group 1,000,000tons/year methanol project   2007 

March 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "norms development of coal chemical industry views", made ​​it clear that the future will prohibit annual production capacity of one million tons of methanol project below.

SIECC finished the project PDP with Casale Group

Project site: Erdos, Inner Mongolia
End User:  Jiutai Group
Feedstock: Coal
Operational Sate: full load
Hot-spot Temperature: 278℃
Steam Generation: 1.3tons/tons Methanol 
Pressure: 2.48MPa 

4.Yitai coal to liquid low temperature methanol wash project (I)   2006 

SIECC Provided Yitai CTL-I  sets of low temperature methanol wash process package. The low-temperature methanol wash technology is Independent developed by SIECC and patent was approved. 

Project site:

Erdos, Inner Mongolia 


Sinopec Ninbo Engineering company Limited

Feedstock:  Coal  
Operational Sate:  full load for four years
Treatment:  125,000Nm3/h 
COS+H2S: <0.1ppm 
External Condenser Consume:  5.0Gcal/h


5.Cangzhou Dahua Juhai branch company TDI project   2006 

the Nature gas reforming technology(POX) used in TDI project is provided by SIECC.This project brought huge profits to Cangzhou Dahua company . in 2010 Cangzhou Dahua company bought other two license of POX technology to the TDI project II.

Project site:  Cangzhou, Hebei Province 
End User:  Cangzhou Dahua chemical company 
Feedstock:  Nature gas 
Operational Sate:  full load




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