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A method and system of conversion coal gas from lurgi gasifier into syngas that is of suitable carbon hydrogen ratio or hydrogen by partial oxidation ZL200710037578.4
Equipment of spilt-rectisol method ZL200910052424.1
A method and equipment of drying and purge make-up gas for ammonia production ZL200910056055.3
Process and equipment of spilt isothermal sour shift ZL200910056342.4
Improved waste heat boiler ZL200910195802.1
Process and equipment of isothermal methanation ZL200910054761.4
Process and equipment of adiabatic methanation ZL200910054770.3
Process and equipment of one-through deep purge by isothermal methanation & methylate ZL200910055999.9
换热器内置冷壁式变换反应器及变换反应器与下游换热设备的直连结构  ZL200910056717.7
A method of syngas production by catalyst  partial oxidation of tail gas from methanol synloop ZL200910195146.5
A method of syngas production by partial oxidation of tail gas from methanol synloop ZL200910195147.X
High temperature vertical coil waste heat boiler ZL201110084186.X
Partial oxidation nozzle ZL201110138654.7
A method of LNG production by distillation of coal gas at low temperature ZL201110195535.5
A method of syngas production for ammonia and SNG co-production by crushed coal pressurized gasification ZL201110243290.9
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